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The narration is divided into three phases. The pre-Independence period, depicting Kamaraj’'s childhood, the influence of Satyamurthy, Kamaraj’s growth as a politician and his prison life. The second phase depicts his taking over as the Congress Chief Minister of the state, the reforms he tries to bring in, especially in education, his largesse and his bending the rules for a good cause-like for the urgent eye-operation of a kid. It also displayed his sense of humour (like his response when his mother in the village sends word that she needed a fan and a blanket), his refusal to take advantage of his position (asking for the newly installed tap to be removed from his village-house). The third phase where he puts forth the Kamaraj Plan, resigns from the post of CM, involves himself in party work; his influence on national politics, his emergence as a kingmaker and finally his disillusionment with the emerging non-ethics in political life. The closing scene (taken from the record files of the actual funeral), show swarms of humanity mourning the death of their beloved leader. For more full length hit Tamil films, SUBSCRIBE to our channel: http://goo.gl/CHoZj6

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