Vimow Premium

Vimow Premium

Why Vimow is introducing a premium feature

Vimow uses a tone of bandwidth, with over 12 servers we still have some peak hours when the bandwidth is reaching somewhere close to 98%.

Due to those high bandwidth usages which are really expensive I am introducing a new mechanism to slow down the downloads and to give a fair chance to everyone to download at a high speed.

  1. Download waiting time (addded)
  2. Limited speed download
  3. Download limit per hour
  4. Waiting line for download
  5. Advertising

But it's not all bad, I am trying to create a system that's fair to everyone. That's why I am also introducing a premium account that will have:
  1. No ads
  2. Fast streaming
  3. High speed downloads (1gbps)
  4. Multiple download locations (EU/USA)
  5. No waiting que/list
  6. Direct download
  7. Vote new features to be added
  8. Premium Videos Section (soon)

Premium will be pretty cheap, but it will get more expensive on a daily basis.

This is a limited offer, because we have a limited number of servers to handle premium users.

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